Helping Companies Grow

Changing the existing for the better

Obnatus helps turning start-ups into scale-ups. We have expertise
in strategy, marketing and all business related areas of start-ups.
Let’s discuss how we can maximize the value of your idea.

Who We Are?

Our Story

Obnatus is a Norwegian company and network focused on helping companies grow. We invest in early-stage companies and people who are passionate about changing the existing for the better.

Our network consists of people who are leaders in their field, and creative thinkers with a proven track record of developing businesses and creating growth.

Our passion is to generate profitable growth through developing user-friendly products and services, both for early-stage and scale-up companies.

Helping companies grow

Meaning of Obnatus

Obnatus is an Latin word and meaning growing. For us it means growing your company. Growing relating to, or being the period during which your company grows or matures.

Our Role

How Can We Help?

We seek to create growth by creating value through people and investing in early-stage companies. Our promise is to provide tools and networks for growth.


Our Tools

Our tools will help set the right strategic direction for our customers and partners.


Our Services

We provide different levels of help from strategic advisors, board members to business angels.


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